Shodh Nidhi



To encourage/ conduct the location specific research in the State, Council pools financial assistance from various institutes/ sources viz. GOUP, Rajya Krishi Utpadan Mandi Parishad, World Bank, State Planning Commission, Council of Science and Technology (CST), U.P. Seeds and Tarai Development Corporation (UPSTDC), Government of India (GOI), and others. To meet out the objectives, the earnings of the research funds are being invested in priority research areas for increasing the agricultural production and productivity. While identifying the research projects, it is envisaged that projects should concern priority areas and help in increasing agricultural productivity/ total production within the minimum possible period.

Procedures for Funding

Research Proposals in the area of agriculture and allied sectors based on research and development priorities for the state are invited from different research organisation viz. State Agriculture Universities (SAUs), ICAR and CSIR Institutes established in the state, Deemed Agriculture Universities, Agricultural Institutes of Central Universities and NGOs through circulation as well as print media.

The research proposals are firstly invited in the form of synopses and after the screening, the detailed proposals of the selected one are requested. The detailed proposals are evaluated by the Peer Reviewers. On receipt of the Evaluation Report from the Peer reviewers, Proposals are submitted before RAC/CGC for final approval for funding.

Release of Fund

As per the CARP Guidelines, a MOU is signed in between UPCAR and Sponsoring Institutions before the release of fund in approved projects. As per the provision, the maximum budget limit is of Rs. 10.00 lacs for a period of 3 years. The project period may be extended for 2 more years in specific situations. The first instalment for a period of six months is released just after MOU is signed. The following instalments are released on receipt of satisfactory Half Yearly Technical Progress Report and Budget Utilisation Certificate. 

Monitoring of Research Projects

Monitoring of projects is done in two ways namely, (i) on the basis of Progress Reports (Half Yearly and Annual) submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) and (ii) through visit by the Scientists of the council. The review of on-going projects is done in the chairmanship of Director General, UPCAR in which PIs of the respective projects present the progress of the work.  

Utilization of Research Recommendations

The findings of the research are circulated to different line departments viz. Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries etc. for their wide dissemination among farmers and end users. The findings of the research are also incorporated in Package of Practices prepared by Department of Agriculture and Horticulture for different agricultural and horticultural crops, respectively.